Nurseries & Pre-Schools

Just Do Sport are proud to be the market leader in providing fun sport activities & games to nurseries & pre-schools in and around Peterborough.
Just Do Sport successfully work with hundreds of nursery & pre-school children every week introducing them to a wide range of fun sports and games to help improve their hand & eye co-ordination, confidence, teamwork and lots more.

Our focus is very much about sports, fun games and we firmly believe that by working with nursery & pre-school children we can give them a head start before attending Primary School by improving various skills such as motor skills and balance as well as invaluable social skills such as listening, sharing and taking turns through various sports and games. We recognise every child as an individual so we adapt our fun sessions to accommodate all abilities.

Why have Just Do Sport in your nursery???

Our experienced coaches are able to deliver a wide variety of sports and games

The same coach will deliver all sessions to ensure continuity for both children & staff

We regularly assess all coaches to ensure our high standards are always maintained

The children will have a head start in learning many new skills before attending school including teamwork, hand & eye co-ordination, motor skills, improvement of balance & co-ordination as well as posture, development of itive skills, increased self confidence, improved social skills, and above all, have lots of fun!

Children will learn to work as a team and play fairly

Each session will consist of a fun warm up, main activity and occasionally a fun warm down.

We do not require too much space, all we ask for is some assistance helping the children during the session. Our sessions last either 30 or 60 minutes and we are available in blocks of 5 or 6 weeks or for the full year.